Sunday, February 3

Bowie Blows a Disk

Last weekend, brand-new foster dog Bowie started to knuckle under one rear paw.  Our experienced foster mom immediately took him in to her vet where they diagnosed a blown disk in his spine.  Unfortunately, Iowa is one of the few states in the country where there is not a single MRI machine available for veterinary use.  We decided we'd have to trust the vets' diagnosis because as a young dog who still had deep pain sensation, bowel and bladder control, and with only one involved rear leg, the prognosis was excellent for a full recovery.

While at the vet's, Bowie did very well.  Though he was surrendered for getting snarky with one of the children in his home, Bowie withstood all the pokes and prods without a murmur.  Ok, maybe there was some minor growling.  Nothing serious.  The vet removed a lot of gunk from the area of the herniated disk, and he was pleased to note that there was no calcification, so this was a very fresh injury and the odds of complete recovery are even better.

Just 2 days after surgery Bowie emerged from the hospital on his own four feet.  Of course, spinal surgery is no walk in the park and it takes a surgeon and a whole team to get it done, so our coffers took quite a hit.

If you'd like to sponsor Bowie, you can do that and get yourself a little something, too.  Our St. Valentine's Day fundraiser starts on Feb 1.  Sponsor a dog for $50 or more, and you can get a Dogtoon of your own precious mutt's precious mug.  See the home page of the website for details.

Here's Bowie, not exactly dancing, but up and about on his way out of the clinic.

Let's dance! suggests

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Whooa. I had spinal surgery too! We have all our feets crossed for you
Lily (& Benny)