Monday, February 25

Get a Look at These Stars!

Maybe you watched the Oscars yesterday?  Pfft.  All those beautiful people got nuthin' on these fabulous mugs!

And though you  are unlikely to get a chance to get to be best friends with any of the stars in Hollywood, you have a chance to bring one of these adorable available pooches home to hang out and maybe share a bowl of popcorn while you snuggle up to watch some Best Picture nominees.  Take a look at the video one of our volunteers put together of this week's frogs. 

Then check out their bios on our available dogs page.  Could be you'll find a perfect supporting player for your biopic.

Mr. Demille!  Mr. Demille!  Guess who's ready for her close-up?

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Love it!
Benny & Lily