Thursday, August 30

Tried to Make Him Go to Rehab

Oh, Nathan!
Such a heart throb!
Such a ladies man!

Such a silly boy!

When we heard that he'd had an injury and needed immediate surgery, we were terribly sad and worried.

Now that the surgery is complete and he is peeing on his own, we are hopeful that he will recover completely.  Nathan is on his way to a very experienced foster mom.  She's had the care of several dogs who've had surgery or needed rehab, and we know Nathan will do well with her.

Today Nathan started his trip from New York down to Virginia.  Our volunteers are transporting him, and we got the first photos from the first leg of the trip.

Nathan's transporter said he was a little antsy and fretful for the first few miles of the drive.  He'd gotten used to the kind techs and vets at the hospital where he'd been staying, and it was hard for him to say goodbye.  But after a few miles of traffic, he settled down and got some rest.

If you'd like to contribute to Nathan's rehabilitation fund--he'll need follow up visits with a vet and aquatherapy--please go to Nathan's page and click on his photo.  You can leave a little message of encouragement for him.

Everybody needs a kind word from time to time, attests

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

good luck sweet Nathan. You are in the best hands ever
Benny & Lily