Monday, August 6

Incredibly, Hulk

What's so incredible about Hulk?  It's incredible that he's not the crankiest tank in town, that's what.

The boy has a laundry list of ailments!  As a post-puppy mill stud, he is a poster pup for why we don't buy dogs from petstores!  No!

Three missing toenails, yanked out at the root.  What the hey happened  there?  Did he get them caught in wire flooring?  We don't know.  We do know it must hurt like hell.  And he wasn't even being tortured on purpose, it was just an incidental event in a puppy-mill dog's life.

Ear infections?  Heavens, yes.  Nasty ones and they've been untreated for, oh, let's see--forever!  Ever had an ear infection?  It hurt, didn't it?  Imagine having one for years.

Eyeball pain?  Can you see that eyeball in the photo?  It's kind of cute and googly, isn't it?  Well, not from the inside.  From the inside, it's painful and it's protruding outward.  Glaucoma.  Also untreated.  Of course.

At the other end of the frog, we have what might be some joint problems in the knee.  And the boy has some issues with his lower intestines.  He's usually constipated, and the poor guy has hemorrhoids. 

As if all that weren't enough to strip a dog of his inner peace and dignity, today is the day he gets his pockets picked.  The boy could use some mojo, people.  And some moola, if you want to get alliterative.  Mojo and moola for the former puppy mill stud, please!

And yet, here's what is so great about dogs.  Regardless of his pain and the parts of him that are protruding where no protrusions should be, and the parts that are missing, and the parts that are infected, etc., regardless, we say, of the fact that this poor animal is one red-hot pulsating nerve-ending from tip to tush, he's a complete doll.

He's a character!  He loves to pull stuff off of counters and tables--what is it? what is that? lemme see!--for his inspection and sniffage, and he carries his bed around with him all over the house.  Part turtle, maybe?  Or maybe he so appreciates having a comfy bed to sleep in he doesn't want to let it out of his sight.  His poor glaucoma-damaged sight.

He's a champeen fetcher.  Should have made the Olympic team.  

He is enjoying the company of his foster brother, a bloodhound, who puts up with him in the bloodhoundy, world-weary, sad-sack way of all bloodhounds.  And he is gentle and considerate of the kitties in the house.

The boy is a king among frogs, we are telling you!  If ever a frog deserved a bit of consideration, this is the one.  Send him a prayer, send him some mojo!

Send him some coin of the realm! pleads

The Frog Princess

PS Hey!  Get a load of this live action video


Anonymous said...

hulk, you are incredible indeed! we hope your corpus feels as incredible as your spirit is. big hugs to you!
love from lucas's mom

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Hulk! I am so happy you have been rescued. I hope one day no dogs will go through this!

Two French Bulldogs said...

all our feets are crossed for you Hulk
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Mojo officially sent... moola to follow. Go Hulk Go!