Friday, August 3

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Starts with C!

Have you ever sold a Girl Scout cookie?  Campfire Girls candy bar?  Band chocolate?  Have your own kids sold wrapping paper to your neighbors to support their schools or candles to go to choir tour or asked for support on a 2K run?  Have you made a cake for a bake sale or contributed woven potholders to the church bazaar?

We ourselves held the honor of selling the most Girl Scout cookies two years in a row back in the days when children were allowed to go about without a chaperone.  Oh, the adventures we had!  We met a lonely little old lady who hoarded newspapers in her enormous house.  We stumbled upon a poker game and the players tried to outdo each other in buying boxes of cookies.  And there was a nearly naked man who was obviously expecting someone else who flung the door open wide with an even wider smile only to slam it shut again immediately when he saw us in our little green uniform and hat and badge-bedecked sash.  Two houses up the street he caught up with us, fully dressed, and pressed a $20 bill upon us, apologizing incoherently. He refused any cookies.

Here's an opportunity for us all to pay back the nice supporters who have bought our potholders, candles, wrapping paper, and Rice Krispie treats.  Support our summer fundraiser, a virtual (or pretend--you don't actually get any cookies.  On the positive side, it's a calorie-free treat!) cookie sale, and help our poor Frenchies!  Since April, when the latest influx of Frenchies began, FBRN has been spending more each month in vet bills than we've taken in through donations and adoption fees.

Every year, the same thing happens in the summertime, because people give up their dogs as they prepare to sell their homes, go on vacation, prepare for the birth of a child, or otherwise decide to surrender a pet.  We also take in a number of puppy-mill dogs in the spring and early summer after the springtime puppy season.  Intake numbers settle back down to normal in August or September until the holidays, when there is another spike in surrenders.

Every spring and summer we have to spend down into the savings we have accrued over the winter months.  This year, we've spent more than usual because a number of the dogs already in our care needed unexpected vet care.

Last year, the surrenders came so fast and furious that we had a moratorium on intakes because we didn't have the foster homes to take them all, and we also didn't have enough money to cover the dogs' veterinary needs.  We don't ever want that to happen again.

Please help us.  Please donate to our fundraiser and consider becoming a foster home.  Contact Eden for information about fostering.  Visit our YouCare page to donate.  We thank you, the volunteers thank you, and most of all, the Frenchies thank you!

With Thin Mint-fresh breath,

The Frog Princess

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