Friday, August 17

A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody

Do you have a dog?  What kind of terrible event would have to happen to you to cause you to take your dog, put her in a cardboard box and leave her on the porch of an Animal Shelter?

We can scarcely imagine what it would take for us to do something that desperate.

But someone was moved to do just that, and Melody was found by a shelter employee early one morning last week.

Melody is a tiny Frenchie, just 15 pounds.  She has had at least one litter and she has a great big scar on her belly.  We are hoping the scar is from a professional c-section and not a kitchen-table X-acto knife one.

She pancakes a bit when people get close to her.  She has a very goopy eye, which she may lose.  She has a terrible ear infection.  Her ear is so bad, the shelter staff couldn't get a scope into the ear to see anything.  She'll have to be anesthetized to allow someone to get in there and get a look.  Can you imagine how painful that must be?

She walks with a head tilt.  We are hoping the head tilt is from the ear infection, but we don't know yet.

She's very thin, but that we can fix right up!  Her foster mom is feeding her lots of small meals full of the extra-yummiest kinds of mix-ins, and the delicious treats are really striking a chord with Melody.*

She's getting along just fine with her foster siblings.  Here's a video of her patrolling the fence and telling off the neighbor's lawn care people.  She has stepped right up to that responsibility.

If you would like to drop a few coins into Melody's little cardboard box and help us prepare for the expense of the trip to the eye specialist, you can go to Melody's page on the website and click on her photo.

We'll keep you posted on this pretty girl's progress, and we'll make sure she gets everything she needs most: good vet care, a comfy bed, fattening treats, special toys, extra tummy rubs, and love, love, love, promises

The Frog Princess 

*Yes, we just said, "striking a chord with Melody."  Puns may be the lowest form of humor, but they are our favorite kind!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Melody you are safe now sweetheart. Mom would love to get her hands on the owners who dumped her. Some people are plain heartless
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Happy to sponsor such a beautiful girl!