Saturday, October 29

We Have 13 Dogs in Texas

And that's a scary number.  It's scary because all our foster homes are full, and there is no room at the inn for other needy frogs.

We are having to turn dogs away because we don't have enough volunteers to foster homeless dogs.  It's not just FBRN, either.  Other rescues have a lack of foster homes, too.  We need help.

Twilight is going to be available soon.  And that is a good thing because right now she is sucking all the cute out of Texas.  

This here handsome devil is Boudreaux.  He wants you to throw the ding-dang ball, already!

Our worst nightmare is that someone will sell their dog on Craigslist or sell it through a want ad and the dog will wind up in a puppy mill.  There's a dog we are hoping to bring in from a different part of the country and that is her story.  Once a pet, she was acquired by a miller, whose mill was recently raided. 

How could they tell she was a pet? 

Her original collar and tags were still on.

This is Loretta, a blind puppy mill girl in our hospice program. She's never gotten over her past.  We love her anyway.

If you have ever considered volunteering for FBRN, please email our volunteer coordinator today to become a foster home, transporter, or volunteer at events.  Our main need in Texas (or nearby states! We could use volunteers in AR, LA, OK, KS, NM) is fostering, but we will gladly accept any help that is offered. 

Email our volunteer coordinator at 

These 13 are lucky.  They have a place with us.  If you can, please help us help a few more, pleads

The Frog Princess

This is the youthful and charming Bonaparte, waiting for the perfect kitty-free empire to rule.


Two French Bulldogs said...

We have been trying and trying to spread the word
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

I have just had my home inspection but im in massachusetts, is there a way to transport even if that means shipping in these circumstances??? Thx rochelle martire

rsbristow224 said...

Possible foster here in NC, for dog & cat friendly Frenchies.

Frog Princess said...

Dear RSBristow224: If you can foster and would like to be a volunteer, please emailour volunteer coordinator at

We'd love to hear from you!

Dear Rochelle:
There are a gracious plenty fosters in the New England area! It won't be long before you are tapped to foster a needy frog. :)

Frog Princess said...

Thanks, Benny and Lily!


Anonymous said...

We are kindof frustrated to see how many dogs are available in Texas. We put in for Bonaparte many months ago since we already have a Frenchie who suffers from Texas allergies. We were never contacted, and when we inquired about our application status, we were told FBRN was still waiting on other applicants before they started reviewing them. To me, you should consider the applications you get as they come in, and if you have a qualified home to place the dog in, then do so. Bonaparte could have been sitting on my lap right now next to our other Frenchie in his forever home, but noone at FBRN ever got back to us. Instead, he is still available and taking up space in a foster home that could accept a new Frenchie. We gave up on FBRN, and instead rescued a dog from a local woman directly.