Saturday, October 22


Sometimes we just can't grasp why a Frenchie who is healthy and happy and loving just doesn't catch the eye of a potential adopter.

Tonto is one of those frogs.

He was dropped off at a shelter by his owner's family following his owner's death (Note to self: Be sure to put directions in will for care of our Frenchies should something happen to us!).  Apart from a desire to be the cock of the walk, Tonto is a great dog!

In his foster family there is an uneasy peace going on--occasionally there are dust ups between Tonto and the dominant girl--but thanks to very slow introductions and an experienced foster family, there have been no serious fights.  That's Little Miss Lemon-Sucker on the bottom step in the photo to the left, there.  If you have a submissive female and you are willing to do slow introductions, Tonto might be the boy for you.

Take a look at Tonto's bio.  He's on the lookout for his kemosabe.  It might be you, counsels

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

we need to check out Tonto..gorgeous
Benny & Lily