Thursday, November 4

Smeagol's Birthday Thanks!

We got this nice thank you note from Smeagol's mom following all the happy birthday wishes Smeagol got:

"Smeagies has asked me to thank all of you for the wonderful, warm birthday wishes!!  As most of you know Smeags is getting up there in years and we are honored to be able to spend one more birthday with our extra special man.  Smeagies began his birthday by snuggling in to his snoozy seat and taking a nice Fall drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, followed by an extra special lunch of tongol tuna and kefir, fun modeling and posing for birthday photos on the porch and a delicious dinner of more tuna, kefir and some nanner.  I think he was pretty pleased with himself! 

I should also point out that since Smeags was a rescue from a puppy mill we don't have an accurate birthday date, so we choose Oct. 29 as his day because this is the day we were contacted. 

We dropped everything to pick him up that evening.  Based on all the information we gained from both our vet and his puppy miller at the time of his rescue in 2005, Smeags just celebrated either his 14th or 16th birthday!!!!  No wonder he's getting a little senile and demanding!

I've attached a few photos from his 2010 birthday shoot for you to enjoy. "

What a remarkable life.  Many happy returns of the day, darling Smeagol, from your friends at FBRN and

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

wow, smeagol! you're incredible! a 19 or 21 year old frenchie! i hope i'm lucky enough to have lucas around till he's such a ripe old age.
you're an inspiration. hope you have more happy birthdays!
lucas's mom

Anonymous said...

Oh my you are handsome!! If I wasn't already married I would be calling you up for a date!

Anonymous said...

Smeags is 14 or 16?! You don't look a day over 12, dear.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading his story when he was rescued and was just curious about what ever happened to Smeagol. I have not been on the website for several years and was hoping there would be an update. So glad to see he is doing well and looking GOOD!! Happy birthday handsome!

Anita said...

HAPPY BIRFDAY SMEAGOL!!! That's amazing.

Dolores Forget said...

You handsome little man -- Happy Birthday Smeagol! This just melts my heart.

Anonymous said...

I just read your thanksgiving spot, and just wanted to say we are all thankful for you, too, sweet man.