Thursday, November 4

Ask Frog Princess: Pixie Update!

In the last "Ask Frog Princess" post, Anonymous asked:
"Can we have a status on darling Pixie?"

Herewith a status report on our longest hospice girl, Pixie.  We started the hospice program with Pixie almost 3 years ago.  Little did we know how tenaciously Pixie would cling to her life!  She's one of our favorites in FBRN, and she's just a classic little Frenchie bitch, full of pee and vee and not likely to put up with much nonsense without getting some of her own back.

From her foster mom: 

"Dear little Pixie is still chugging along.  She has slowed down a bit.  She prefers to ride in the car than to walk.  She is still quite a character!  I think she does have a few more occasions when she has breathing difficulties than she used to.  I give her a puff of her albuterol and that helps her a lot.

The other evening I had to unceremoniously take her off my lap and put her on the floor because she growled and snapped at Pico (my senior cat), who had jumped up onto the arm of my chair to get in my lap.  Pixie really looks cute (and funny) when she scrunches up her face to look fierce and snarl.  First, she starts giving Pico the stink eye.   Then her whiskers pooch out as she lifts her lips to give a nasty snarl.  Now, on the floor, she is mad at me.  
She stomps over to the sliding glass door, loudly snorting, grunting, and wetly sneezing.  There she sits with her back to us.  Suddenly she spies something and starts barking furiously.  Her little short front legs rise off the ground and her bottom shakes with each bark.  
Of course the other dogs have to join in, even if they don’t know what they are barking at!  Then, snorting and snarling nastily, she heads in the opposite direction towards the front door to start barking there.  Then she heads back to the sliding glass door.  She is definitely not going to let me and Pico nap in the big chair while watching the news on TV!

She is also my protector.  If I am on the front porch talking to a stranger, Pixie is there (the porch is fenced in) with the rest of the bunch and they are all being noisy, trying to get attention and petting.  All except PixiePixie is snorting and growling.  If the other person puts a hand or finger down to her, she will bite.  
She is serious!  It is “Get the heck away from my Mom, or I will eat you up!”  But she is only 17 lbs and it is hard to see that she is giving warning, down among the feet of the other dogs.  She is a funny little gal, and so precious!  I love her.  My funny Valentine."

Sure those Texas gals may look all roses and lace and ladies who lunch, but if you mess with their families, better take care you don't pull back a stump.

That's good advice for free from

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, FP! It's so good to hear the little old gal is perking along! God bless FBRN & the loving foster families who nurture the rescued dogs! Amen!