Tuesday, August 3

Low Lifes Take Advantage of Frantic Owners

This weekend one of our recently adopted dogs was abducted in Florida and later returned for the reward money.  These kinds of abductions are increasing across the country.  However, for those owners who believe their dogs have simply gotten loose from a backyard thanks to a careless child, workman or gardener who didn't close the gate, there are options to help find lost pets.
These options include companies that claim they'll call all the neighbors and vets within a certain area.

Joi was abducted over the weekend and returned.

While some of these companies may be legit, here's an article on one guy who appears to be taking advantage of people's fear and grief.
Even in the midst of your anxiety over a lost pet, don't compound your problems by trusting just anyone.  Check with the Better Business Bureau if you can.  If it's not open when your pet goes missing, follow the directions on our website, and check out options advertising in your area when the BBB is available.
And think about putting a spring device like this one on your gates so they close quickly and securely, when careless children or workmen are going in and out.

The Frog Princess

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Anita said...

Hmm interesting...it's a good thing that FBRN sent out this warning earlier this summer about abductions. We're very trusting in our neighborhood and although I keep an eye on Basil at all times I'm reminded to continue to be cautious.

A few weeks ago, I brought him to a yard sale and someone commented "Oh a french bull? ouch. expensive." I immediately said I got him from a rescue, but I realized that those who don't know about them just don't care and they are cute. Those who do know about them also know they are expensive and worth a lot of mola. Especially one as cute as mine :D I wanted to scoop him up and flee.