Tuesday, April 28

Spirit Has a Diagnosis

After several months in our care and a bizarre on-again, off-again wobble, we decided to have an MRI performed on Spirit's poor corpus.

Here's what the neurologist and radiologist discovered, as her foster dad reports:

"Thanks everyone for the support Spirit has received about her positive diagnosis. After playing phone tag with her Neurologist for the past couple of days (I now know her # by heart) I finally got to speak with the good doctor. She did find some evidence of hydrocephalus syndrome which is not totally uncommon for Brachy breeds but that was not the problem with what we are seeing.

They did find some inflammation on the left side in her spinal column. She said this could be caused by a minor stroke or an injury that has never healed properly. She is off crate rest but is to be restricted to walking on lead (2-3 X daily) and NO jumping, climbing stairs, etc. She feels exercise and restrictions will allow this to heal. She highly recommends Hydrotherapy and massages so whoever said to get Haricot's bathing suit out was right. Where's that bikini? I am trying to get her in this week.

She gave me a few things to watch for and am to cut back her exercise if I see them. She has been off her steroids for over a week now and has improved quite a bit with just very short walks and restrictions on what she can do. She has definitely been taught to go up and down stairs, to jump on and off the chairs and couch and to jump in and out of the car. Ouch! The stairs are no problem as I gate them off. It has been a real chore keeping her from jumping on the couch mostly. She is FINALLY starting to get it that I do not want her up there. We had to gate the couch off for a while which irritated my dogs to no end. Lol!

She's a very sweet girl who loves to be with you at all times. She does have some separation anxiety but we have been working on that too and she is slowly getting better.

She has settled here much better over the last week and is playing with toys and wanting to play with my dogs although I nip that in the bud because of her neck. She had a few accidents in the house the first week or so but none since and she's been great about going out. I find it very strange with her peeing though. She goes about half as often as my other dogs but has HUGE pees when she goes. I mean HUGE. We tested her urine at the last vet visit and it was perfect in concentration, no indications of infection, PH, etc. Maybe she just has a BIG bladder?"

It's very good to know what is ailing poor Spirit, and now that we have a good sense of the fundamental issues, we can set about making her physical therapy program and finding a lifestyle that will keep her well in her forever home. We thank all our sponsors and supporters and our foster families, as well as the doctors and staff who make these treatments possible.

The Frog Princess

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