Saturday, April 25

Meet Mookie!

Poor Mookie was unable to come to grips with the fact that she wasn't the baby of the house anymore. After more than a year of trying to help Mookie accept the new baby, Mookie's owners very sorrowfully surrendered her to FBRN.

Here is the first report from her foster mom:
"I picked her up last night and her dad was heartbroken to let her go! She spent the night just chilling in a quiet room away from my dogs, and she passed out snoring!

She is GORGEOUS with one black spot on her back - so adorable…she hasn't done a whole lot yet, but she hasn't had an accident, she is totally [up to date on vaccines], just needs a microchip and a once over and she should be ready to go!

Her dad said she was bit by a dog a few years back and hasn't trusted them since. She definitely needs to be placed as an only dog. While I see signs that she will come around with the right dog, she is very anxious, and I think she would do best soaking all the attention up herself!"

Mookie is settling in to her foster home, and if you'd like to offer her some support or sponsor her, you can check her out here.

Usurpation is a difficult thing for many dogs. How well we remember the birth of our younger sibling, and the resentment and dismay we felt upon first encountering the squirmy, demanding young morsel of life. How often we dreamt of a world without siblings and a return to the pre-lapsarian Eden of our earliest days, when the sun rose and set around us and our needs. How intense were our feelings of schadenfreude when our second sibling came around to bump the first sibling from her post as center of the world. Happily, the feelings of emotional kwashiorkor receded in time, and soon we three were a merry band of hoydens terrorizing the court and environs and driving our poor mother mad with worry and embarrassment, as all children do.

It is sad to see a Frenchie who cannot overcome her initial distress at the arrival of a newcomer. We hope that as an only dog, Mookie can once again find happiness and balance.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

mookie looks so cute, wading at the beach! i have a question, frenchies like wading and playing in the water? i took lucas out with me when i watered the garden today. he wandered around, but spent most of the time in the garage. i spritzed him with the hose, just a bit, and he hated it! he ran away, and then he howled! i thought i might get him a wading pool for summer, but maybe he won't like it. what's your advice, fp?
lucas's mom

Frog Princess said...

Every Frenchie is different. FBRN grad Gus used to like to stand in his water dish and he liked his little wading pool. Many hot summer Frenchies like to play hippopotamus and rest their tummies in a plastic pool, and some Frenchies, like FBRN grad Tillie, even like to play in the sprinklers.
It doesn't sound like your Lucas is a waterbaby, but he might grow to like a nice wallow. Why not get a pool, put an inch or two of water in the bottom of it and see what happens? If he doesn't like it, there's always a family with kids who would love an extra pool. Or you could grow tomatoes in it!
Here's a link to a post about all the ways our frogs like the water:

Anonymous said...

Mookie, I hated it when my little borther was born and that was 50 years ago! We never get over it! You ar SO MUCH MORE important than that baby! :)