Friday, April 10

Leo Likes the Sun!

We love to hear from our adopters! Here's a note about former foster, Prefontaine, now Leo:

"...Leo is the best little dude in the world. I like to think he loves it here with us. And the feeling is mutual. I hate to say it, but Leo is a bit partial to E. I'm feeling a little of the boys club around here. Hah!

Seriously, though, he's a great little guy. Definitely a bulldog (he hates the rain and lets his stubborn side show when we have to walk him in it) but all in all, amazing dog. Listens, obedient, and - believe it or not - has been learning how to play with others quite well. We take him to the...Park and let him off leash. He hasn't shown any aggression. He doesn't exactly invite other dogs to play with him (not the most playful of dogs) but he also doesn't get aggro when other dogs decide to come around and chase his beloved yellow ball. He's fine in these situations. He
chases balls with other dogs but he never chases dogs to play & hop around. Never. I doubt he'll ever behave that way, ie, like a happy golden retriever (just doesn't seem to be his personality), but that's totally fine with us.

He's loving his raw food diet and has a hearty appetite....He's probably gained a bit over a pound or so. I'd guess nearly 21 lbs? His ribs and spine aren't so obvious anymore. He's such a small guy though (length, height, girth) that he still looks
like a puppy. We continue to heed the vet's advice and increase his meals by 20% to ensure weight gain.

Now, his allergies. Well, we did his round of antibiotics which really helped him get thru the red spots and crusties. Thankfully. And we still have him on prednisone which I think he will need into perpetuity... So we put him back on the every other day cycle. It has significantly curbed the itching (as do the medicated oatmeal baths every week) but he still has some red bumps here and there. He continues to shed (he still has yet to grow any fur in his armpits which further chafes/irritates his skin) so I keep him in a little shirt oftentimes...

Oh, i forgot to mention. When I was away last weekend, E. went to Tahoe and took Leo with. And our little Leo -- he had no problem or unease with the snow (I guess it's just the wet rain he hates). He went on a short trail hike with the boys (they had to carry him in a bag the return way, he'd had enough) and got to live it up a little on vacay..."

Leo is living well, he's clearly adored, and he's found a couple who have found ways to cope with his little idiosyncrasies and his continuing allergies. Plus, he's very well dressed!

What is it the young people say nowadays? Score! enthuses

The Frog Princess

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