Saturday, January 31


Observe Linus in his glorious self.
Look at this handsome, smiling gentleman of wit and charm who is looking for a family that
is looking for a frog with his delightful attributes.

A comical genius, Linus can offer you the classic Frenchie humor frog enthusiasts have come to love in the breed and the brains that are sought in--let's face it--some other breeds. 

Linus has a few requirements for a healthy life, allergy-free.

1.  His requirements include twice weekly baths. 
It's for my allergies, and not at all because bubble baffs are nice.

2.  All his treats and foods must be scrutinized--SCRUTINIZED--for any flake or tiny bit of allergy-inducing gunk.
Observe my natural stack, comme des champions.

3. He is allergic to grass, so he must have a wardrobe of shirts to wear outside.
Also, please observe the way I endure this nonsense.

4. No kitties.  Kitties are itch-inducing in a dog such as Linus.
He can't help it.
But these are the merest bagatelles to the right family.  A family who knows nobility and intelligence and wit and maturity when they see it, a family to whom these small concessions and loving gestures will be as nothing in the face of what they will receive in return.

Linus.  A frog for all* seasons.  Available now to the perfect home.

Go Linus!  Go Linus! shouts

The Frog Princess

*Except, possibly, allergy season.

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