Thursday, January 15

Lakota Is So Pretty

in the collar Collar Addict donated to her!  We sent a photo to Collar Addict's facebook page and someone bought a discounted collar made just for Lakota!  She looks so pretty in it.

Her skin still looks a bit red and her hair looks a little patchy, but the skin is healing nicely and the hair's coming back in.  If you click over to Lakota's foster page, you will see the progress she has made!  Here's a little update on Lakota from her foster mom:

"Lakota is doing really well. Even though her skin still looks pretty bad, it is better. She is growing more hair all the time. It is possible that she might have some permanent bald spots. Only time will tell. She went to the vet to have her Cushings test to make sure she is doing good in her meds and she is. She is doing so well that she won't have to go back for a recheck for three months!!  She continues to heal and her sweet spirit is flourishing :)"

A new collar to enhance her pulchritude should perk up her morale.

Thanks so much to the kind person who donated to the Collar Addict's holiday event!  She looks perfectly pretty in pink perceives

The Frog Princess

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