Thursday, June 5

In Advertising Circles

We believe what we are doing here is called a tease.  This is Tiesto.  Brand new foster dog.  Handsome as hell.

Don't know a ding-dang thing about him except he's somewhere in Canadoodle.  Oh, and he got a boatload of treats and toys and a bandanna to wear from one of our hundreds of extraordinarily fabulous volunteers you haven't decided to join yet (As Lola said: "We're irresistible, you fool!  Give IN!").  You wanna learn more about the boy, you're going to have to check out the New Faces section of the Foster dogs page way the heck and gone next week.

Yep.  We believe that there is an excellent example of what they call a tease. 

Meanwhile, you can wiggle over to the New Faces and get an eyeful of brand new Hamster, Sansa, Goober, Sofia Grace, and Cookie Monster.  If you get there tomorrow or the next day, you'll find Al Poochino (don't you roll your eyes at us, Buster!), Billy Goat Gruff, and Odin, Allfather of the dogs.

But next week, let us dangle a little info before your gobblesome eyes:  More than 10 new faces.  You read that right.  Next week, the annual summer dumpin' o' the dawgs will begin in earnest, and we'll hit the ground running with more than 10 new dogs!  That cutie-pie above is only one of them.  Now how's that for a tease?

Enticingly yours,
The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my dawg you are precious
Lily & Edward

Unknown said...

Post them now! I can't wait that long. Tiesto looks excellent and I'm so excited to see the others. I sure am hoping our forever Frenchie finds us soon - fingers crossed!