Sunday, May 25


One of our new fosters wiggled his backside into our care last week.  He's such a happy guy that the shelter people nicknamed him Mr. Wigglebutt.  Look at that grin!

Dayglow has some serious allergy problems, and to top it all off, the boy is deaf as a post.  But he doesn't care!  His foster mom says he has a fantastic disposition and he doesn't let the deafness slow him down or get him down one little bit.

He'll be making a trip to get "tutored" at the vet, and we'll try to get his allergies under control, and then he'll be ready for the available page!

Would you get a load of that adorable pink face and that ridiculous tongue?  Not sure if that's an opinion on the bath or just the ordinary disposition of the thing.

Tell you what.  When we find out, we'll be sure to let you know, vows

The Frog Princess

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