Sunday, September 15

Who Doesn't Like Pizza?!

Come on and join the Pizza Pawty tomorrow night!  Make a pizza or order in and share your photos with our Facebook and Twitter community!

Check it out, there's also an opportunity to win a pizza-colored red wagon for toting Frenchies all around the town, and to receive a great special edition pin to commemorate the event!

It's kind of hard to type while we are drooling, notes

The Frog Princess

PS  Be careful!  The Pizza Pawty is for fun, but pizza has lots of fat and too much could give your frogs a case of the collywobbles!  Please use good judgement and don't actually feed your dog pizza if it contains ingredients like onions or other foodables that may cause gastrointestinal distress for your pup. Last year we had many supporters post photos of their Frenchies *pretending* to enjoy human pizza, *pretending* to enjoy toy pizza from their children's kitchenettes, or even actually enjoying homemade pizza that was made using Frenchie friendly ingredients. The key is to USE GOOD JUDGEMENT.

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my dawg! We will join in
Benny & Lily