Sunday, September 1

To See Yoda,

Painful it is.  It's sad to see a Frenchie--a breed meant to be clownish, devoted companions--so suspicious of a loving gesture, so slow to respond to friendly overtures, and in such unthinkably poor physical condition.

She came to us from a shelter.  She was obviously once a breeder dog and she was so neglected that a mammary tumor had grown large enough to make it difficult for her to lie down comfortably and a tumor on her private parts made it hard to sit comfortably.  Those tumors are gone and the stitches just came out.  Now she's able to sleep in the same ridiculous position any other Frenchie enjoys.

She went this past week to have a dental exam, and the vet said her jaw had been broken and never set, and that the resulting healed-over injury was causing most of her dental problems.  Imagine that:  you are so bound and determined to wring every dime out of your breeding stock you won't even  have tumors removed and broken bones repaired.  We don't think it's too much to call people like that monsters.  Stupid, cruel monsters.

Her foster dad says he's never known a dog who didn't like it when he lies down beside her for a cuddle or pulls a dog over onto his lap to rub her ears or tummy.  He's started bringing Yoda onto his lap for 15 minutes every evening, but that's about all she can take at this point.

Though she is still a bit untrusting, Yoda has come a long way in the last month.  She's learned to enjoy hanging out with the gang at her foster home, she's had a couple of major surgeries, and she's learning what toys and tummy rubs are about.  She's eating good food, sleeping well, and she's getting accustomed to life in a house with people and other dogs.

If you are as touched by her progress as we are, pat yourself on the back.  You made Yoda's progress possible.  Without our supporters and volunteers and the rescue-friendly vets and their techs who offer rescue discounts, we couldn't do it.  Yoda would have been euthanized and never known a loving touch beyond the shelter workers who cared enough to let us know about her.


Your donations make these changes in Yoda possible.  Many thanks and much appreciation for your compassion and caring coming your way from

The Frog Princess (and Yoda!)

PUPDATE! PUPDATE!  Last night Yoda snuggled with her foster mom!  And played with visiting grandkids!  And put up with an exuberant doxie/sharpei (?!) cross who came to visit!  Things are really looking up for Yoda!
Plus!  Also!  And!  Lookit here:  Yoda tells off the vacuum.

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Anonymous said...

Bless her little heart and her beautiful foster parents! They've released her inner Frenchie! No turning back, now! Great job, FBRN!!!