Monday, March 4

Declan is Available!

The handsome and charming Declan is on the available page!

At 18 months old, Declan is still a puppy.  He's got a few quirks, like thinking he's big enough to take on the Newfie at the park, but with dogs his own size and on his own turf, he's just a playboy.

Declan should go to a home where he will be well-secured.  He and a partner in crime got loose in his original family and they attacked a dog in the neighborhood.  Little kids are likely to leave doors and gates unlatched, so we are looking for a dog-savvy family with older children if there are kids in the home.

His foster mom wrote us a note to update us on Declan.  This is what she said:

"Sweet Declan, the Frenchie-saurus has moved to the available page! I think he will make someone such a wonderful dog.
He is so happy and laid back in the house, but on walks he still gets overly exited when he sees other dogs. He seems to want to play with the smaller dogs, but he acts like he wants to eat the big dogs, so he needs to go to a home with dogs his size or smaller.

He gets along wonderfully with my frenchies and my other FBRN foster Emry, and even my parents' two tiny 4lb chihuahuas. He comes to work with me almost every day and loves hanging out with me and his foster sister, Tilly."

If you have been looking for a healthy young frogdog, and you can travel to Nebraska, consider applying for Declan, advises

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

All our feets are crossed for Declan
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Be still my heart! He is such a handsome hunk