Wednesday, March 6

Bayou Brings the Fun

Brand-new foster girl Bayou is reveling in her new stash of toys and treats from an FBRN volunteer and her frogdog who found out Bayou needed some grain-free treats to keep her itchies at bay, plus some toys and a new harness and lead!  It's all for Bayou!  Doesn't she look thrilled?
Bayou spends most of her day trying to figure out how to get someone to offer her a tummy rub, but she also enjoys hanging out and watching a little tv.
In addition to a skin infection related to allergies, her ears are being treated for yeastie beasties who took up residence and don't pay rent!  No squatters!  We don't want any fungus among us.
Once her skin is cleared up, Bayou will be undergoing a spay surgery. Meanwhile, she'll be taking up an exercise regimen to bring her figure down to a svelte 17 or 18 pounds, down from her current zaftig 21.  The weight loss might help with her breathing, which is not terrible but could be better.

Her foster mom reports that Bayou is the happiest little Frenchie in all of the great state of Texas!  She got to go to work with her foster mom and stole every heart in the joint.  Bayou will be on the foster page later this week.  Look for her sweet face and a funny video of Bayou yodeling for upsies onto the couch!

Blondes really do have more fun, sighs

The Frog Princess

PS  Here's a video of Bayou pleading for a lift! 

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