Tuesday, November 20

Sandy's Aftermath

FBRN favorite Magnolia's foster family's home was swamped by high tides during Sandy.

"Magnolia and the crew rode out Hurricane Sandy on the south shore of Long Island. The bay came over the docks and flooded the entire area. My basement, car and garage all flooded.

The water was rising so high, we were prepared to go into the attic. So, we now have no electricity and no heat. Magnolia and Bruno and the cats are keeping each other warm. At night, we all curl up in bed and keep each other warm."

Magnolia's mom had supplies nestled up under the crawlspace in the attic, just in case everyone was going to have to get that high in the house to escape the rising water.

One of our volunteers, a survivor of Katrina, offered advice to homeowners along the eastern seaboard, since these storms and rising sealevels are likely to result in more flooding over the years.  "NO,LA Tip - keep an ax in your attic. If you get up there and the waters continue to rise, you will need a way to get out."

After Day 8 without heat, Magnolia's foster mom transferred Magnolia to another foster home more inland.  

Here's a report about Magnolia from her temporary foster mom.  Magnolia has a very endearing habit of picking up on people's emotions, and she expresses herself vocally with what sound like very human moans and sobs.  "Magnolia is doing well! She misses her foster mama, but says thank you for remembering to pack her green ball! She loves her playtime! She's been sleeping in our bed with us at night, and has been a very good house guest having zero accidents! My sister is here with my nephew and every time he cries,Magnolia cries her human cry (scary!) from the other room!  She's a pleasure to have around!"

Mags is feeling better now that she is warm and cozy.

A number of our volunteers have harrowing stories to tell.  One Manhattanite had to climb out her apartment window and use the fire escape to get clear of rising water, shoving her bundled-up Frenchie out before her into the night.  Many volunteers are still waiting for power to be restored to their lower levels, since salt water has rendered electrical wiring unsound or unsafe to use.  We are thankful that none of our volunteers or their dogs or other animals were lost to the storm, and our hearts go out to those whose animals are missing or who lost family and friends.

Keep a warm thought for those still worrying and coping with the aftermath of Sandy.  We send Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all of our friends, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters, with a wish that next year at this time we are all warm, dry, well-fed, and in our own home sweet homes.

The Frog Princess

Update:  Today we learned Mags has a lump on her neck.  She'll be seeing the vet this week.  Please keep a good thought for our dear Magnolia blossom!

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Texas Frenchies said...

Our hearts go out to all stricken by Sandy. FBRN is a great organization. People work together for the Frenchies and their volunteers.