Friday, November 30

It's Feisty's Turn

To find love and happiness. 

Watch this

And apply here.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I never for one moment regretted the years I spent with a spinal issues dog. Worth every second to see how THEY have no sense of self-pity, and as strong a joie de vivre as the most able of dogs. Good luck, Feisty!!

Frog Princess said...

That's what most foster parents would say, too, I think. Many people see a dog with a hitch in his giddyup and immediately fear that the dog is in pain or somehow suffering, but we'd never deliberately, knowingly allow a dog to suffer. Cart dogs and disabled dogs are generally as happy as any other dog, especially if they have the right cart--one that fits properly--and owners who provide them with attention and good care.

Anonymous said...

what a great video! feisty, you are one super fella. i hope you find that special forever home soon!