Sunday, June 17

It's HOT Outside! Keep Your Frog Cool!

Many of you have read the articles we've written over the years about overheating and Frenchies, but just in case you are new to the world of frogdogs, here's a link to learn more about how important it is to keep your hot dog cool.
Here's Pongo, a dog owned by one of our volunteers, modeling a "cool coat."  These coats are made of polyester "chamois" and when dunked in water, will keep a dog cool via evaporation.  There are other styles and brands available.  There are also other options, like this cool collar.  You may want to spread a cooling pad on the back seat as you drive for your Frenchie to keep cool on.  Your vet may have other recommendations for you. 

Any time you are out and about with your Frenchie this summer, you should have some way to quickly cool her down. 

Pikachu finds her own way to bring down her temp pdq!

Keep some chemical ice packs in the car's first aid kit to apply to her tummy and neck if she goes into distress.  One of our grads died after a lovely day out in temps that were in the high 60's and low 70's; certainly not what we'd consider "hot" by any means.  But before her family could get her to the vet she had passed away from simply sitting in the sunshine watching a Little League game.  It was heartbreaking for everyone!

Here's Clyde, another volunteer's dog, dealing with brain freeze.  He's wearing a cool collar and sipping some icy cold water in the front seat getting the full AC while he and his mom wait in the car.  Of course, when the car is in motion, he is in the backseat, strapped into a safety harness.

It's important to stress to any family or friends who are visiting this summer that Frenchies cannot tolerate heat and mustn't be walked in the heat of the day.  They also can't swim, and shouldn't be allowed near water without a lifevest.  Frenchies are high maintenance little dogs.  Many people who have not grown up around brachycephalic dogs don't understand--might not even believe you--when you tell them about Frenchies' special needs.  It's your responsibility to make them understand.  Every summer we learn about a grad who has drowned or who has died from overheating.  Who knows how many Frenchies die each year unknown to us?

With a little preparation, everyone can have a great summer, and your Frenchie can spend time outdoors with you.  Be prepared, pay attention to her, and have remedies on hand, like bottled water and instant cold packs, if they should be needed.

Speaking of heat, it might be time to dabble our toes in the baby pool in the royal garden, reckons

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

A very important post!!
Benny & Lily

Junior said...

I agree with Benny & Lily.
When I was less than a year old my people kept me out in the sun (at a dog show) too long. It was a good thing there was ice and ice water in the cooler back in the truck.
Ever since then I get a little nervous in the sunshine and prefer to wear a baseball hat. making my own shade

Sheri said...

THIS is great news! My little Bulldog is one of those who can't be in the sun at all.She can't REGULATE her body temperature and it can soar when she gets the slightest bit warm, then she has a seizure and I need to cool her down fast! I feel so bad for her, she stays indoors and uses PUPPY pads. I need to keep a spray bottle of water on hand in case she gets overheated in the house by playing too hard. Poor baby, we have to stop playing so I can spray her down. I spray her paw pads and her groin and underarms and mist her all over. She knows that when we take a break from playing because she starts panting, she knows she will get sprayed and she knows she has to take a drink of water. I try to make it up to her, she's Spoiled and seems happy! We are very close and with each other all the time. This cooling jacket would allow Mattie outside more! Whats the cost and where do I find them?

Frog Princess said...

Click on the colored text to go to links to the products mentioned. You can also google "dog cool coats" for more options.
Good luck!