Thursday, June 28

Frenchies and the Fourth!

You might be tempted to take your Frenchie to a Fourth of July party with you.  We strongly urge you to leave him home where he’s going to be safe, but if you do take him, remember these things.

1.     Don’t trust that your dog is going to be safe wandering the party without you.  Keep him close by on a lead.
2.     Be sure your Frenchie is cool.  If you take your frog with you to a block party or a friend’s barbecue, be sure you have a cool coat or cool collar and a water bottle with you.  If he overheats, don’t wait—crank up your car’s a/c and take him to the ER vet.  

Magnolia models her Independence Day decorations! Oo la la!  You should see what she breaks out for Bastille Day.  

3.     Be sure your Frenchie is not allowed near the pool.  We lost one of our graduates to drowning when he fell into a pool during a party and no one noticed.  Keep your frog on a lead or make sure he’s wearing a lifevest near water deeper than 8 or 12 inches.
4.     Pork ribs? Beef ribs? Barbecued chicken?  These classic and delicious parts of the festivities are going to produce irresistible bones.   Be sure no one shares their bones with your Frenchie!   Bring some treats with you to give to people who want to make friends with your frog.
 Get a load of this handsome young patriot!  Carlos, owned by a volunteer, is ready to celebrate and he doesn't mind looking good while he does it.  Ears, man.  The boy has a set of ears!

5.     Also be careful with sneaky bites.   Be sure your Frenchie is not getting lots of little bites of people food from generous friends.  Nobody wants to see your Frenchie visiting the hospital with a case of  pancreatitis from eating too much potato or macaroni salad.  Don’t let anyone give your dog “just a sip” of anything with alcohol in it, and don’t let him drink from unattended cups of hooch!
 FBRN grad Aiden and sister Gracie welcome the holiday.  Sort of.

6.     Go home before the firecrackers come out.  Even if your dog isn’t nervous under ordinary circumstances, firecrackers are unpredictable, loud, and potentially harmful--both as they are being set off and afterward--the burned parts are loaded with toxic materials.

Try it.  Zenobia is begging you to try to take her ball.  See what happens.  (We advise you to resist her dare.  The last guy who tried to take her ball hasn't been seen since. We're not saying she's responsible.  We're just saying that's her ball. Get it?)
7.     Be sure to keep a barrier up if you are having friends over for the 4th.  It would be a good idea to put your frog in an empty room and post a note asking people not to enter, or put up a baby gate between the main house and the front door so your Frenchie can’t run out when you are welcoming guests.  Some Frenchies get so very nervous they can knock down baby gates, and we’ve heard of dogs who have jumped out of window screens in their panic, so crating him might be the best idea. Be double sure your dog’s id tag is firmly attached to his collar.

FBRN grad, Nauti, is looking for her parade.  Where is it?  Where are the children and the bands and the horses?  Every year Nauti's parade goes right past the house, celebrating the splendor of Nauti.  She may be taking a typically Frenchie approach to any celebration, anywhere, for any reason (all this?  For me? What took you so long?), but she'll stay on the porch where she's safe and cool.

8.     Even if you aren’t going out for the 4th, talk to your vet well before the holiday if you know your dog is nervous.  See if he’s a candidate for a little Valium or another medication that could help smooth things out.  It might be too late to order a Thundershirt, but you could get one for next year and for other nerve-wracking events.  Many of our volunteers have found Thundershirts to be very helpful in reducing their dogs’ anxiety.

Happy Independence Day to you and your Frenchie!

Arby is rolling around, looking for someone to love.

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