Tuesday, April 24


Here is Cloet enjoying some of the great swag she got as runner-up in our March Madness contest fundraiser.  The hat is handmade by a volunteer, and the antler was donated by another volunteer.

Cloet also got a great stuffy, though we suspect by the time you see this, it will be a thing of the past.  She's completely recovered from last month's palate surgery and from the aspiration pneumonia she developed after surgery.  We were so glad that the clinic where Cloet's surgery was done has an overnight, staffed facility.  They were able to see the problem and start treatment immediately, and that may have saved her life.

Thanks to our donors and sponsors, Cloet is now enjoying visibly improved breathing and much improved quality of life!  Here's what her foster mom said:
"Since the surgery (and few days after coming home from the hospital) she definitely seems to breathe easier. her whole body doesn't rock with the effort to breathe in. She is also quieter, though still is on the noisier side. She also seems to have a lot more energy. Every morning she goes bananas wanting to play. she never did that before the surgery. I think she is feeling good with all that extra oxygen getting to her brain!"

Our donors and sponsors have made a new frog out of her!  We can't thank you enough, gushes

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

love your new hat, cloet! you are adorable. so glad that you feel better after the nice vet fixed your breathing. we hope you find a great forever home real soon!
love, lucas and mom

Two French Bulldogs said...

great news Cloet...all our paws are crossed for you that all those sickies are over
Benny & Lily

Alya said...

What wonderful news! You look fabuwous in your new hat!!! Hope all your worries are behind you. xoxo

Alya said...

Will Cloet ever jump on the available page? Or is it still unknown? Love, love, love the hat!

Frog Princess said...

Poor Cloet is still having a little problem from the pneumonia. She's been on antibiotics for a month or more, and the infection and the little cough she has are still lingering. Keep a good thought for her.