Saturday, April 21

Agnes of God

Innocent as she is, it seems Agnes wasn't under any angel's wing for the past 2 years.  She was sold by a breeder to another breeder, who sold her to a third breeder when Agnes didn't produce puppies.  Finally a guardian angel in the shape of an independent rescuer intercepted Agnes before she could be sold a fourth time.  This Good Samaritan paid cash and bartered with the dog beds she makes to get her hands on Agnes.  Thank goodness she was successful.

Agnes is very timid at the moment.  She is not spending much time outside her crate, though the door is open.  She prefers to feel safe inside her "cookie box" resting on the comfy bed her friend made for her.  We are so grateful Agnes's rescuer saw her photo and made the effort to save Agnes. 

According to Agnes's vets records, she was spayed in November, and the vet records show she weighed a healthy 24 pounds.  When our independent friend took her in to be examined, she weighed just 17 pounds.  According to the people who sold her, food was too expensive, so they were giving her just 1/2 cup of Purina a day.

There are some people who have no business owning animals.  If you must rehome your dog, please consider using a reputable animal rescue.  FBRN has a thorough vetting, application, interview, home visit, and approval process.  Our foster families stay in touch with adopters.  We do our best to find responsible, loving homes.  If you decide to advertise your dog, don't trust that the people who show up to take your dog home are who they appear to be.  Ask for veterinary references.  Ask to see the home.  Never give a dog away for free.

Agnes is recovering from her starvation diet, and she'll be up on the website's foster page next week.  If you'd like to contribute to her care, you can click on the bone on the left side of FBRN's home page and in the box that says: "Message to seller" you can tell us your donation is for Agnes.

We'll do everything in our power to make sure that Agnes's next home is her forever home and that she never knows another hungry night.

One neglected, worn-out little Frenchie down, many thousands to go, sighs

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

mom is angry at those mean people but happy Agnes is in FBRN's hands..thank you to the angel for recuing her...welcome to a better and good life Ms. Agnes
Benny & Lily

julia nappo said...

Where is agnes located ?

Frog Princess said...

Agnes is in the upper MidWest. Word is, she has begun hoarding Nylabones!

Heather said...

She's beautiful. Our frencie saved us after we had an English Bullie sized hole.

Alya said...

She is so cute and I am so happy she made it into your rescue and has a bright future ahead- with nylabones in it :)

Anonymous said...

so glad that agnes has made it to fbrn. hoping she finds her forever home soon!

Anonymous said...

Bless her little heart! Poor Agnes! But she is one lucky girl to have been saved and kudos to all of you in Rescue that help bring happy endings to some of these awful tales of abuse and neglect!