Thursday, February 9

Rolling Along

Our beautiful hospice girl, Rolla, continues to enjoy her life, though she is losing some function in the caboose area.  Here's a note from her foster mom:

"Rolla is doing good for the most part. Her spirit is still high and you can tell she enjoys her life, more so around breakfast and dinner time. LOL She is still on her daily medications of Lasix and Theopholyne. She has a slight on and off cough, but that is expected with her condition, but her breathing is good. She is losing muscle mass in her back end and is having some difficulty walking at times. Her balance is not as good as it once was. She no longer does the stairs going down, not because she doesn't want to...I won't let her. I would carry her to the moon and back if I had to. She is still great going up, but the going down part is harder for her.

Her back legs don't work as well going down. We have stairs (three steps) for the couch and the bed so she doesn't ever have to jump, but sometimes she just chooses to jump down or look at me with those wide eyes and I have to pick her up.

I have also noticed that when we are outside she gets a little stunned with her poo (bowel movements) as they start to come before I think she is ready. A couple months ago the vet stated that she has symptoms of Ataxia and I am no vet, but from my research is seems more like degenerative myelopathy.

Overall, she is still the happy little creature I grow to love more and more every day!!! She is a big blessing in a little body."

We also perk up and enjoy life just a little bit more when the chow bell rings.  She has that in common with

The Frog Princess

PS  Thank you to our supporters! Your donations are making it possible for our foster families to provide loving homes and hospice care to dogs with terminal or untreatable conditions.


Two French Bulldogs said...

we love you Rolla...sending you lots of good vibes
Benny & Lily

KarenTX said...

Rolla is a doll, so enjoyed meeting her at Reliant last year. You take amazing care of her.