Friday, February 24

Exciting Medical News for Spine-Injured Dogs

Take a look at this article describing a new drug currently in trials in Texas. French bulldogs are among the breeds that most commonly suffer disc disease or spinal cord injury.

Remy uses his cart to go to the dog park and play.

The drug has been quite successful in mice, and offers hope to dogs prone to spine-injured dogs, particularly those with disc injuries.

The key is immediate treatment.

If your dog suffers an injury and/or exhibits symptoms of pain--slow to move, panting, whimpering, unwilling to lift his head, or he loses mobility--even if you can't get this drug, the secret to a full recovery is immediate treatment.

Do not wait to see if the dog gets better.  Go to your vet or the ER vet immediately.

Spinal injuries can be very expensive to treat, and they often include MRIs and surgery.

Tinkerbell in her custom, pink-wheeled cart visits a local store.

We recommend that Frenchie owners carry dog pet insurance, so owners are never faced with the suggestion of euthanizing their dog if he is injured.

Thanks to the handsome Remy and the fair Tinkerbell for providing photos for our readers and

The Frog Princess

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