Saturday, July 16

Why Porkchop Can't Have a Kitty

Porkchop is going to the available page this week.  Last week when she was at the vet getting a broken toenail fixed up, her foster dad snapped this photo as evidence that though Porkchop is a very good girl in many, many ways, she is not going to be a good match for a family that has any kitties in the house. 

Porkchop's dad says she was trembling with anticipation at the thought of a cat-snack.

This poor woman was prepared to fling herself in front of Porkchop to save her puddytat if need be.  That's a good catmom, approves

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh Porky, cats are all muscle and stringy. try a nice side of beef!!! love, Raz

Anita said...

Hahha I took Basil to Petco and he was all interested and hiney up about the birds and kittens. the staff asked us to move him away bc the kittens didn't like it and were getting all worked up. poopoo on cats!