Saturday, July 30

Toulouse Helps FBRN Recover!

FBRN had a couple of tough months in May and June.  We spent deeply into our savings in order to treat some dogs who were in far worse condition than we thought when we committed to taking them in, and also to care for some of our current foster dogs who needed to be boarded at the vet's at great expense because they had very treatable conditions that were contagious or that required 24-hour observation at the vet's.  It never rains but it pours, right?  Couple these coincidentally expensive and kind of bizarre occurrences with a dip in donations and we find ourselves operating on a very narrow margin.  We must build back our reserves.

Fortunately, we have indefatigable and charming supporters and volunteers who are willing to put themselves out in the public eye and to work hard for the rescue and all our nutty, needy little foster frogs. 

This is the elegant raconteur and kiss-meister, Toulouse.  He volunteered to give ALLLL the laydeez a little licky-licky for a nickel.  Or a dollar.  Or ten.  STEP right up, and GITcher Frenchie kisses here!

We are currently accepting with humble gratitude any funds you can spare to bring our bottom line up to a healthier, greener, cooler place--a place less red and itchy and humid and too ding-dang hot for easy breathing.  Please help us!  Truly, any amount is appreciated. 

Toulouse and his friends at the recent Reliant Show in Houston send you virtual smooches!

With a few thrown in for good measure from

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Love it! We keep spreading the word
Benny & Lily