Sunday, June 12

A Newcomer to the Parish: Maxfield

With more energy than a quarter pound of sugar and a jar of freeze-dried coffee, Maxfield came bounding into his foster family's lives!
Here's what his foster mom wrote about the healthy, robust beast:

" I picked up Maxfield tonight here in Arizona, and let me just tell you he is a BIG boy! At 1.5 years old he is already 31 + pounds, and none of that is fat. He is very very tall, and I am sure if he wanted to he could jump over the expen that he is now in, but so far he is just relaxing at taking it all in. He is a little nervous and thereforea little drooly, but he seems to be taking most of it in stride. Maxfield is a sweet, sweet boy  and just wants to be loved. His family is making a quick move  to Hawaii and are unable to take thier big boy with them. Their loss is our gain, and this big submissive guy will make a wonderful addition for the right family! He is all Frenchie smiles when ever I walk by him, and although he looks a little like a BT in the face he is a Frenchie! 
As a joke I think he may be part greyhound!  Maxfield  was picking up tons of speed doing zoomies around my back yard! He came from condo life, so now my back yard is his personal doggie park , and he seems pretty happy about that. I will keep you updated on our newest FBRN member in AZ but for now we are going to let him decompress for a little while!"
Well, lounging on that purple throw, we can see he's definitely getting the royal treatment, observes
The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Maxfield is now safe, yipppE.
Benny & Lily

Abby Sinclair said...

Maxfield!! He's quite the looker! We are in the Phoenix area and looking to adopt a guy just like him!! I know he's looking forward to a little vacation for now - but could I get an update when he ready to look for a forever home? I think we might have a spot just for him!
- Abigail Sinclair

Ms Muggle said...

Maxfield! - I just saw you're available for adoption!! Our app is in and all fingers and paws are crossed, we're hoping you get to come home soon!
- Abigail Sinclair

Ms Muggle said...

Oh Maxfield - I think you have such a kissy face. I think it's time for you come to your forever home.

- Abigail Sinclair

Ms Muggle said...

Maxfield!! Could you be any cuter? Your getting closer to your forever home - We're so happy for you!

-Abigail Sinclair