Saturday, June 11

Pork Chop Is Feeling Great!

Pork Chop came to us with some serious skin problems.  Recently she was spayed, and she came through it with flying colors!  Herewith, a note and some photos from her foster dad:

"1.      She is doing great since her spay.  Like nothing happened.  We are now 100% focused on her coat.  We have her on a serious course of Interceptor and regular Pyoben baths. I’m hopeful that this combination will help to knock out the mange, fix her skin and help her to re-grow her coat for her furever home. 

2.      Porkchop has a prey drive.  I wish I had photos/videos of her last week at the dermatology vets office.  They had some kittens in a cat condo in waiting room…Porkchop was watching it INTENSELY. 

I renamed it “cat TV”.  Only problem became…she started throwing herself against the glass trying to get to them.  Everyone in the vets office thought it was hilarious, luckily.

3.      Regarding her prey drive, in some of these photos (staring up at the trees hunting squirrels / watching through the gate for any animal to pass by) it’s pretty obvious. 

"We hope that very soon Porkchop will be on the hunt for her furever home.  Based upon our time with her, we think the key aspects will be:  (i) cats - NO; (ii) dogs – maybe, submissive; (iii) yard – not necessary."

There you have it!  A tasty summer treat is making her way to FBRN's menu of tempting offerings.  Keep an eye peeled for this juicy Pork Chop, recommends your server
The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Great news!! Look at those two cute hineys!!
Benny & Lily