Saturday, January 15

Alena, Alena...

Where you been so long? 

OK, so her name is Alena, not Corinna, but the sentiment is the same.  And when Alena moved across the country to start her long-term rehab and her foster mom sent us this record of where she's been and how far she's come, we couldn't resist making the connection to that great old song.

Here's a video of Alena at her foster mom's work.

Alena arrives at the airport with a volunteer.

 Alena models a lovely soft collar made from fleece that won't irritate Alena's poor skin.  It was donated by Holly from Spoiled Bratzwear.

Here's what Alena's foster mom put together so Alena's new vet could get an idea of what she's been through:

"Alena has a vet appointment tomorrow to check on her abscess (that was drained on Jan 1st) and get her Seattle Wellness Plan in the works. As I prepared for the visit, I put together a timeline of events to show the vet (I figure it must be confusing to have a dog walk in with such a drawn out history across several states in such a short time) and a before and after photo to show the vet. After putting it together, I was shocked to see all she has been thru in just three months. Check the difference!
Nov 5th, 2010 – surrendered to FBRN by owner/breeder in Wisconsin. Owner claims that Alena was vaccinated at age 2, and this caused a severe reaction. No treatment sought. Alena was unaltered.

                           Alena gets a scrubby dub dub in her foster mom's tub!  Spa days agree with her!

Nov 6th  -  first vet visit in rescue. Severe alopecia, pyometria, mammary tumors, yeast and bacterial ear infections, severe corneal scarring/hyperpigmentation, dental disease, dry eye and mixed otitis externa. Vet gives Cycolosporine, malotic ointment, ear cleansing solution, Heartguard plus and Clavamox – recommends dental. Thyroid panel done. Fecal results negative. Heartworm negative. Skin scraping negative for mites.

Nov 9th – Alena had surgery to remove a mammary mass, and a second lump on her shoulder, as well as to spay (uterine infection). Given Metacam, Clavamox and Ketoconazole (for skin infection). Pathology results for the tumor on her shoulder – benign, for the mammary tumor – adenocarcinoma of the ductal cyst. Tumor removed with clean margins. Recovery good.

"I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!"

Nov 29th – Alena is having bloody diarrhea. Vet thinks it’s a reaction to the Ketonazole for her fungal infection. Gives her Flagyl and stops the Ketonazole. Issue resolves.

Dec 8th – Alena has full dental. 9 teeth extracted, 14 missing. Good recovery

Dec 29th - Alena is transported to Chicago with an FBRN volunteer, aiming to continue to Seattle. Flight is full, Alena spends the week in Chicago with B.

Jan 1st – B. notices an abscess on Alena’s hip. She is taken to the emergency vet – abscess drained – Baytril given, but Alena’s was very difficult to get pills down, so she was given an injection of Convenia.

Jan 8th – Alena arrives in Seattle from Chicago to stay with R. for long term foster care. Alena was bathed on Jan 10th and her ears cleaned. Applied calendula cream to her skin and ointment to her eyes. I have applied ointment daily."

This old girl has been through the mill, for sure, but it's clear that nothing gets her down.  Look at those bright, blind eyes!  Her ears have perked up, her expression is curious and alive, her eyes are clear, and she has a little smile for you.  
Our volunteers perform miracles everyday, and if this doesn't persuade you that love and care and good food and medicine and your good thoughts and sponsorship donations really make a difference in the lives of these dogs, nothing will.  
Thank you for giving Alena back her life and putting her on the road to health and joy again.  She's got a long way to go, but we'll see her home together, promises

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Thank you for giving Alena hope and happiness. You rock lady!!
Benny & Lily

Susan said...

She's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

FBRN makes me remember why I like people. Its volunteers do the heroic every day and don't even realize they are miracle workers.

Thinking of what a positive change this is for Alena makes me cry.

Molly's Mommy said...

Thank goodness for FBRN! Alena has such a sweet face, even after all she has been through. We wish her continued good health!

Marie said...

Wow. Everyone who thinks they want to buy a puppy from a pet store should see this post. It makes me angry that people neglect dogs like that, it makes me sad she had that kind of life, it makes me happy that FBRN is making it better for her. I love the video. Clearly she is a happy soul.

Thank you for all you do for the dogs.