Tuesday, January 25

C'est la Brie!

Here's FBRN's newest and most appetizing little morsel, Brie en Croute!  She's been passed around for a little while between friends and family--through no fault of her own--and she will soon be offered up for the delectation of some very lucky adopter!

Cobby, petite and with a very appealing personality, Mlle. Brie is making friends among her foster family and the vet's office.  Her foster mom spent 3 hours at the vet's with her yesterday and learned that she has two icky kinds of bacteria blooming all through her poor ears.

We expect the infection will clear up toute de suite with antibiotics, drops and a home-cooked hypoallergenic diet: no grains, no chicken, no beef or dairy.  Served with an enormous side dish of ell oh vee ee, love!

We'll be spending time working on her potty-training and preparing her for la vie en rose with a family she'll stay with forever.

Brie will be on next week's website update, but we wanted to introduce you to her fabulous wee entirety.  Enjoy yourselves, and pass the photos around to anyone with an appetite for cuteness!

Feeling a mite peckish herself,

The Frog Princess


Molly's Mommy said...

What a doll Brie is! Hope those ears clear up quickly :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

Brie you are absolutely gorgeous little girl
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

I love her already! I will keep an eye out for Sweet Brie to become available!