Wednesday, June 16

Bugsy Is a Working Dog

Usually Bugsy spends every morning patrolling the beach with his mom.  She's out there for her health, but he's out looking for sand dollars to keep him in kibble during his retirement.  Every once in a while he'll tell off a horseshoe crab for littering up the beach instead of getting a real job.

He's allowed to talk smack to those lazy crabs, because on Mondays when his mom goes to work, he changes gears and gets to go to the golf course, where his dad works.  Bugsy keeps his hand in at the course, making sure the gophers are under control and the swans in the water hazard keep their rude remarks to themselves.  Did you know swans are very violent animals?  Sure, they look all regal and romantic and people are always writing fairy tales and ballets about them but take it from us:  Keep your distance.  They'll take a chunk out of you and curse a blue streak while they are doing it.  Perfect argument for beauty being only skin deep. 

Ah, Bugsy.  You've got the life, there, bud.  Keep up the photos, we love to see how our grads are living, invites

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Lucky Bugsy in his new life! Was this the same dog found wandering and then nurtured back to health?

Hole in one, Bugs!