Wednesday, June 23

Butter Bean, Butter Bean, Prettiest Frenchie We've Ever Seen!

Sometimes an old dog has to leave her home and start a new life.

So it is with the adorable Butter Bean. At nine years old, her family's work schedule became so demanding that Mlle. B. Bean was not receiving the kind of attention she deserved.  Her broken-hearted person surrendered her so that Butter Bean's remaining years could be full of love and laptime.

That's what Frenchies need, you know.  They are not like some dogs who are happy to be with you or apart from you.  Frenchies were bred to be lapdogs and they need their people.  Sometimes we hear from disgruntled applicants who have to work all day away from home and whose workplaces don't allow their dogs to go in with them.  They suspect that FBRN is prejudiced against working people.  In some ways, they are right.  We want the very best situations for our dogs, and for most of our Frenchies, that means a home where there is someone around most of the day.  Frenchies are great for retired people and people who work from home or work part time or who have partners who have a schedule that is staggered--morning shift for one and graveyard shift for another.

This is not to say that if you work away from home you won't be considered for a Frenchie from FBRN!  The majority of the world works away from home in places that don't allow dogs to come to work.  We just want people to understand how we think about our dogs' happiness and emotional health when it comes to making choices.  Butter Bean's owner thought the same way, and that's why Mlle. B. Bean is looking for a home where someone can share Butter Bean's days.

Butter Bean's foster mom is pretty smitten with this tasty morsel.  Here's what she said after just three days of fostering:

"Butter Bean is still the sweetest thing this side of the Mississippi on day three.  Yesterday afternoon we all went to the local park and Miss Butter Bean showed us how to play soccer Frenchie style.  She kicked that ball all over the park!  You would never know she was 9 years old if it was not for her hind legs.  At home she follows me around the house and then politely waits for me to put her on the couch when she has had enough of following me. Supposedly she didn't eat her food much in her old home, just LOTS of treats.  She is on a good diet of Embark, veggies, and chicken now, and she eats every bite!  She is an absolute doll of a little old lady!  I attached a few photos."

We have a little secret.  We would turn up our nose at good-for-you food and hold out for TREATS ONLY if the kingdom's nutritionist would let us. 

Some people are way too caught up in that whole stupid food pyramid myth and don't understand the value of a little squeezy cheese and hotdogs, are we right?  Vive la fromage squeezy!  Vive le hambairgaire!  Vive le root beer float! Vive la revolution dans la cuisine! incites

The Frog Princess


Mia said...

She is so adorable!!!! I hope she finds her forever lap soon!!!!!

Locale Vintage said...

Butter Bean is the sweetest little lady. She is such a great frenchie. She will make whoever adopts her very happy. Just looking at her makes me smile.
From Butter Bean's Foster Mama

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my goodness we LOVE Butter Beans.
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

what a sweet face in that miss butter bean! hope she finds the perfect lap soon.
and it's true that fbrn doesn't discriminate against the working folks...lucas would be a great go-to-work dog, but he's not i have a pet sitter come in for a mid-day walk, and he ahs his kitty brudders for company. in the evening, he hangs out with me, and he sleeps in bed with me at night. so far, he seems like a happy frog.

Helene said...

Who wouldn't love to have Butter Bean... she sounds like she's very happy & sweet plus she's so beautiful.... and she does look like a plump little Butter Bean! ( my computer shut down after I posted a comment... hope this isn't a duplicate)

Anonymous said...

Aux armes, citoyens! Thanks for the laugh, FP, and for pictures of Mme. (Mlle.?) Haricot Beurre.