Thursday, March 11

The Queen Has Passed

With deep regret we inform our readers that Queenie, a long term foster adopted by her family, has crossed the Bridge to rule her subjects on the other side with an iron paw in a velvet mitt.

Often my traveling companion.

Here her mom shares memories of the Queen:
Queenie was an amazing and fascinating dog to live with; always fiesty, often challenging and very funny: just my kind of person- I suppose that's why we got along so well: I loved her for her behaviour, not in spite of it. She was the prime example of how attitude and what you project can take you far and gain respect.

"I'm only sleeping on the floor tonight so I can tell Santa what to put in my stocking."

She remains the only dog that our severely aggressive American Bulldog had any respect for whatsoever. Queenie had a unique relationship with him where he was literally putty in her hands. She was able to back him into a corner with his head down and turned away and hold him there with just a look when in reality he could have eaten her in a few seconds - he just never knew it because she was so good at what she did.

OK Queenie, I give in!

She also flirted with him unashamedly and he was very gentle with her. For all her attitude, the Queen was not a fighter and didn't retaliate on the occasions that another dog decided to call her bluff.

"Yes, you may bring me another cushion, thank you for asking."

When my Boxer boy would sleep on the sofa with his feet dangling, she would sneak up and bite his toes, she couldn't resist it and he'd just look down, see it was her, pull his feet up and resume the position - he knew she was no threat.

Just a few months ago, a client brought her two young Boxers for some training with small dogs. I invited her into the yard where Queenie was waiting and the client was reluctant, fearing that her two rambunctious dogs would flatten her in their excitement.

She had excellent taste in beer.

After much reassurance that they would not even touch her ( I explained that they would rush up but stop at least a foot from her) she let them loose. Sure enough Queenie didn't let me down, she raised her head, stood firm and those Boxers screeched to a halt and lowered their heads in front of her. Such was the power of the Queen.

We have so many wonderful photos of her, at some point I'll ask Angela to make a slideshow, but for now here are a few specials to remember Queenie at her finest.

Peel me some grapes, will you?

I miss her swagger and her stompy gait as she used to parade around the house and garden, most of all I miss the naughty twinkle in her eye."

Queenie was a one of a kind girl, and volunteers were fortunate to hear her tales of
adventure among the rabble she shared her world with.

Queenie waiting for her smoothie

Queenie, you always knew rank hath its privileges, and you made the most of yours.

Until the Big Dog calls us home, your memory will linger in the heart and mind of

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

My condolences to Queenie's mom. There is something very special about a bossy old dog. While the body is frail, the will is fierce.

Now Queenie will again be able to chase cats and rule the roost without her bodily limitations.

Smushie Ranch said...

We're so sad to hear about Queenie crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. You gave such a touching and heartfelt tribute to her. Thank you.

Shannon and the Gang

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh sad. Our thoughts are with you. We will see Queenie one day over the rainbow bridge
Benny & Lily

The Frenchsters said...

I never met Queenie but have no doubt I will remember her through this lovely story and tribute. What a fine little dog. And I bet she found her home through her very own orchestration and left no question that that's where she was meant to be.

The WriggleButts said...

Run free, Queenie! We're sure you'll rule at the rainbow bridge with an iron paw until the rest of your servants join you.

The WriggleButts

Anonymous said...

Condolences and hugs to Queenie's family. She seemed so very very special, and I will never forget the day I introduced "Queenie Treats" to my pooches!

It sounds like Queenie was very loved by a human and canine family who let her true spirit come through. If all of us, human and canine, can be that lucky to experience the love of those who not only accept us for who we are, but who love us dearly for it.

Thank you for sharing the news of Queenie's passing, as well as tales of her reign. Queenie will live on as a legend!

BRUTUS said...

Sounds like Queenie lived up to her name in every moment of her long life. A prefect representation of what Frenchie attitute can be!! Godspeed, sweet girl!

Michelle & Brutus

Unknown said...

Now Queenie plays where the sun always shines and the grass is always green! Thank you for sharing her with us.
Love and sympathy,
Pixie in NYC

Anonymous said...

Holly and Lillie wish you peace and comfort- Queenie was such a fabulous role model to us! Oh- to aspire to her stature! Thank you for giving her such a loving and wonderful home.

Gina said...

The stories of the Queen have been so moving; I am in awe of both her and her family.

In honor of the beautiful Queen I picked up all the ingredients for her favorite smoothie and my boys and foster will toast to her today.

Anonymous said...

God save the Queenie.

with love, Loolie, Joey One Eye and Elwood P. Dowd