Wednesday, March 31

St. Patrick's Day Junior Volunteer Contest!

The results are in!
Micah, 13 years

Here's what the Jr. Volunteer Coordinator had to say about the winning entries:

"The votes have been tallied and the winners are in...

Congratulations to Piper, Tatum and Micah!!

Many thanks to all of our participants. Each entry made the job of our team of judges that much more difficult. (Thank you, judges!)
Piper, seven years old

It was a pleasure to view all of the wonderful artwork. Tremendous only just begins to describe the efforts for the 2nd Annual Jr. Vol. Art Contest."

We'd like to offer our thanks to everyone who participated this year, and our

Tatum, 10 years old

congratulations to Micah, Piper and Tatum! Thanks also to the judges, who should lie down with a nice cool washcloth over their eyes to recover from the ordeal of choosing, sympathizes

The Frog Princess

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Lesley said...

Thank you, FP! We're so proud of our Jr. Vol.'s!!