Tuesday, February 2

Theo is Hungry

Here's Theo, a dog found wandering out west and picked up by animal control. He's got a bad knee--maybe a fall from a horse, maybe he took a bullet--and his breathing is a little harsh. That's going to happen out there where the alkali dust blows in the hot winds all day.

The boy seems to have done all right for himself during his time afoot. Not too thin. Musta been able to earn a plate of beans here and there, maybe wrangling cattle or sheep. Maybe he did some guard dog duty. He isn't saying.

His foster mom says he doesn't have any trouble communicating some things, though:

"I think foster Theo is hungry again this morning. He is carrying around his stainless steel dog bowl and scooting it across the floor. My resident dogs are watching him like he's nuts as they are trying to sleep thru the rain storm we are having AGAIN!"

He's a man and a manly man, that's what it is. Manly men know how to get their women up and out to the kitchen to rattle them pots and pans.

Just allow a woman to give you some advice, ol' Theo. When it comes to demanding we women get up and get out to the kitchen on your say so, some we will and some we won't. And some will get up and put a knife in ya.

Just a little homespun warning from

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

These poor babys! Your safe now Theo..
Benny & Lily

Smushie Ranch said...

How does any Frenchie wind up wandering the wild west streets alone??? Crazy!

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Anonymous said...

glad theo is safe now! what a cute guy!!

Anonymous said...

Frog Princess! who knew you were savvy in the ways of the wild west? That vagrant varmint Theo best mind his manners with the wimingfolk elsewise he may get dunked in the horse tank, but good.
Joey One Eye (who is from Texas and claims he lost the eye in a scuffle over a pan of red beans and rice)