Friday, February 26


We welcome a new girl to the party--all that is missing is a pair of Gogo boots! This tiny dancer made quite a trip to her new foster home, thanks to volunteers' help in the transport, but she is settling in very nicely. Here's a note from her foster mom about her first few days in foster care:

"I'd like to introduce GoGo. After a long drive and several volunteers' help, GoGo made it to our house. She is a sweet pied baby, 11 months old. Apparently she and her sister, also 11 months had began to fight and the owner didn't feel capable of resolving the issue.

So far, GoGo has been very loving and friendly with everyone here, including the dogs.
She enjoys playing with the kids and I believe once she settles in she will be pretty frisky!

She will need to be spayed and have a good going over by the vet.

Here are a few pictures, she hasn't made herself comfortable yet, so they aren't the greatest!

She is adorable though!"

Adorable about covers it, agrees

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Wake me up before you GoGo!

Smushie Ranch said...

Oh no GoGO! No one will be able to resist your adorable face. Our mom does have a weakness for the pied Frenchies though... :)

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Anonymous said...

Please, your Magesty- we need a bit of good news... there is so much need and sadness in our frenchie world! Might we get a glimpse of you in a new and wonderful diadem or perhaps- dare I say it- a bit of Smeagol.. we love him so- almost as much as we love you!