Sunday, January 10

Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button has been working out. He wants to be the dog that every guy wants to be and every woman wants to be seen with. Now that his red, itchy skin and patchy coat are a thing of the past, Benjamin wants you to see him as the gorgeous hunk of manly beast he always was but couldn't show off. Amazing what a special diet and a special drug regimen will do.

No, not raw eggs and steroids! He gets his diet from the vet and his Atopica from the discount drug store. And look--from a 98-pound weakling to the world's sheckshayesht frog in just a few months.

Yes, indeed. He's got it all. Except a special person who can see it.

Maybe his person is out there. Maybe you know a family who needs a perfect Frenchie gentleman in their life? Maybe the someone is you.

Check out his bio. Look at his photos. Do 8 reps and see if you can resist.

Heavens! Those eyes are so...oh, my, whispers

The Frog Princess

PS You can see part of BB's workout routine here.


Anonymous said...

He's so marvelous! He's come such a long way. I remember reading about all of his skin problems when he first went to FBRN. He looks very dashing now and I'm sure someone will scoop him up soon.

P.S. I read this blog religiously and I really wish you would write a book. You're very eloquent and witty and I think you'd be able to write some awesome Frenchie books.

Two French Bulldogs said...

You are looking pretty handsome BB
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

I am Benjamin's foster dad and I can tell you that he is the sweetest dog! The medication has really made a difference! You should have seen him when he first arrived at FBRN. I hope he starts to get applications because he is well worth the small amount of additional work to take care of him!

debra said...

too hot to trot!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo glad to see this sweet boy looking and feeling better finally in his life. His Mom tried everything to help and when everything failed she turned to FBRN for help for him. I know it was like cutting off her right arm to have to give up this special boy so he could finally feel better.