Friday, January 22

Nounours Means Teddy Bear

What a sad story.
Children come along and the resident frog just can't get adjusted to the loss of time and attention. Poor Nounours, a nine year-old boy, is going to be on the available page next week. Here's a look back at his introduction to the volunteers last month, just before Christmas:

"Introducing Nounours, a 9 year-old brindle boy! Nounours means "teddy bear" in French and was chosen because he looks just like a living, breathing teddy bear! He is a sweet senior boy who was surrendered by his owner because he was having a hard time sharing his mom with her young skin children. He's been with us since Sunday and is adapting fairly quickly to his new routine.

He has a very sweet disposition and seems to get along with just about any other dog he encounters, although he does have a tendency to bark when he wants something and not stopping till he gets it, and also a thing for humping Chelsea. At 35 lbs., he could stand to lose a pound (or five!) and we will work on that while he's with us.

He has a good amount of energy for a nine year old and only a few gray hairs, so hopefully he will have several good years to share with his forever family. We will take him to vet after the holidays and assuming he checks out as healthy as he seems, he should be a quick move to the Available page."

With a clean bill of health and a slimmer frame, Nounours is anxiously sniffing the air for the people who might decide that he is the frog for them, forever and ever! Looking at that mug close up, we believe we can see the appeal of the older Frenchie, yes, indeed! A touch of Louis Jourdan, perhaps? considers

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

He sure is a cutie
Benny & Lily

Smushie Ranch said...

Oh my goodness, mom has been in love with Nounours since she laid eyes on him on the foster page. But dad said 1 Frenchie and 2 pugs is a houseful already. Nounours has such a sweet, lovable face. Who wouldn't love him?! We really love the picture of all the Frenchies on the couch too.

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Anonymous said...

There is sure to be stiff competition for this gent when available. Hope he is close to the east coast so I can have my mom put in a bid for a matey! Coco