Saturday, August 22

Yo Ho Ho, and a Bag of Boar Treats!

Blackbeard's treasure is the stuff of legends, and men and women have spent their lives searching for Edward Teach's ill-gotten riches.

We have a secret.  Our Blackbeard is a treasure in himself, and all you need to find him is to navigate to the available page.

Sure, he may seem battle-scarred and travel-worn, but it's not what is on the outside of the trunk that should be interesting to you--it should be about what lies within.  Blackbeard is looking for a home with someone who likes caring for pets and would prefer an only dog or has a very mellow dog who won't mind getting bumped.  Blackbeard is a good boy and enjoys the company of family and friends he knows well.

Hie yourselves over to Blackbeard's page and see if you are the rare soul who knows a treasure when they see one. 

Shiver our timbers, growls

The Frog Princess

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