Friday, May 1

Bernice on the Mend

Our new deaf puppy Bernice was surrendered when her owner couldn't afford to pay for surgery to repair
Bernice's broken elbow.

Bernice had her surgery this week, and though she only gets 5 3-minute potty breaks a day, she is still a very sweet, happy girl!

Her foster mom is a vet tech, so Bernice gets to go to work and enjoy lots of visits during the day.  Here she is in her cone of shame, which some kind soul has decorated for her.  Tweens like Bernice like bright colors.
Can you see those wee pink toe beans?

Keep a good thought for Bernice as she heals.  A few weeks for a puppy seem much longer than for a grown dog.  Generous donors have made sure she is being kept busy with a pile of excellent toys!

Sending happy thoughts to Bernice from

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

You are precious sweetheart
Lily & Edward

Frog Princess said...

She really is!