Monday, December 1

FBRN's FUNDRAISING 12 Days of Frenchies Howliday Fundraiser!

If you've resisted joining Facebook, this might be the time!

Starting December 1st we are hosting a "12 Days of Frenchies Howliday Fundraiser" featuring some of our most pawsome products, our favorite shops like Bad Tags and Olive & Co, and also new products from FBRN that you've never seen before! Each of the Frenchie loving companies that have partnered with us will be donating a whopping 40-60% of their sales to support the foster frenchies in need this December, and 100% of the proceeds from our own products will benefit the fosters. The catch? These fundraisers are each for one day only and some of them have limited quantities available!
For the next 12 days we will provide special links to each of these fundraisers in the morning. Only purchases made on the designated days will benefit FBRN with the percentage noted. And for the aluminum ornaments and Tervis Tumblers, we will stagger the release of product quantities to ensure that each time zone has a fair chance to order.
Dec 1 - TBA Cyber Monday Deal at
Dec 2 - Hosted by Bravelets and new to FBRN! - $20 donation to FBRN for every bracelet purchased for 24 hours
Dec 3 - Hosted by Olive&Co - 40% donation to FBRN for everything purchased for 24 hours
Dec 4 - Hosted by FBRN - Limited Edition Aluminum Frenchie Ornaments
Dec 5 - Hosted by Creative Dexterity - Handmade Art and Designs - 40% donation on a reserved amount of frenchie earrings and necklaces
Dec 6 - Hosted by FBRN - Frenchie Tervis Tumblers
Dec 7 - Hosted by FBRN - Hand knit frenchie stuffies available for adoption!
Dec 8 - Hosted by FBRN - Limited Edition Naughty or Nice Prints designed by Diesel & Juice
Dec 9 - Hosted by Bad Tags - 60% donation on a reserved amount of frenchie tags
Dec 10 - Hosted by Two Little Cow Dogs - 50% donation on everything for 24 hours
Dec 11 - Hosted by Bakdrop - 60% donation on frenchie socks for 24 hours
Dec 12 - Hosted by FBRN - Frenchie wristlets, make-up bags, handmade jewelry, accessories, and more!

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