Friday, November 28

The Frog Who Shot Liberty Valance

Pilgrim has made his made his way to Shinbone--sorry--FBRN to learn his way around the West.  His former family, members of the sandwich generation who find themselves caring for both infants and elderly parents, decided 6-year-old Pilgrim could do with a home where he got a bit more attention.

So he traveled out West where he's meeting the local townsfolk in his foster home, just a bit at a time.  One of the residents, a bullmastiff, might be a troublesome sort or he might be the kind of feller who could teach a frog a thing or two.  Hard to know until the slow introductions are complete.  Will he be Doniphon or will he be Valance?  Pilgrim will figger it out, given some time.

We do know he's likely to be a popular dog among our supporters and applicants.  We know he's smart and energetic and he's given to following his principles.  He's learning the ways of his foster home and getting some allergy tests before he and Bullmastiff meet on Main Street.  In the meanwhile, his strength will be tested when he visits the vet for a bit of a snippage. 

He'll be on the foster page next week.  You can look for more photos and his intro there.

Until then, we among the FBRN volunteers are trying to decide who's cuter:  Pilgrim or Jimmy Stewart?

It's still a toss-up in the mind of

The Frog Princess

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