Thursday, October 16

Petrie's Perking Up

When Petrie first came to us, he was not good with other dogs and he needed work on his leash manners.  Since then, after very slow introductions, he has become tight with the frog girls in his foster home.  His manners are much improved, and though he still makes use of those powerful back legs to jump up in the air to peek out the front door window to see who is ringing the bell, he's a greatly changed dog!

Petrie has those long gazelle legs, and he has a wonderful underbite, one that Mary Ann, Mike Mulligan's steam shovel, would envy! 

He's a snuggling fool and he's looking for a happy family with experience dealing with a dog who is used to having his way (if you have dogs) or he'd love to be an only!  Check out Petrie's page and see if you could see him and his shiny little lip cuddled up on your couch.
Ooo, that brindle!  So handsome and shiny, swoons

The Frog Princess

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Two French Bulldogs said...

You sound like you are going to find your forever home very soon sweet pea
Lily & Edward