Tuesday, July 1


Adorable, easy-going Jasper is going to be available this week! Look for him in a day or two or three on the available page.  Meanwhile, you can check out his foster page.

He's come a long way since his brush with euthanasia, and we are so grateful to the vet who called us instead of putting him down.

Jasper loves his froggy friends, loves swimming, and his foster mom tells us he loves to hide his toys and cow ears.  On the west coast, looking for a great Frenchie?  Look no further.

It is wise always to have a stash of toys, in the opinion of 

The Frog Princess 


Two French Bulldogs said...

What a sweetheart
Lily & Edward

Frog Princess said...

Exactly! Cute as a bug's butt! FP